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Patrick Bergsma

Zaneta Antosik

Funky AI-generated spiralling medieval village captivates social media

Using the same methods as the generated QR Codes.


…home of rotating ramen. So far, 54 bowls have been photographed, slurped and posted. This is the homepage. It displays a random entry each time it is called.

BlockFace — A Stamp Kit to Explore Typography & More

Shut Up And Play The Hits

Probably the best music documentary I’ve seen since A Bunch Of Kunst.

Paying Homage or Ripping Off?

James Mollison — The Disciples

Series of 56 photo montages of music fans outside concerts.

Caitlin McCormack

Kagi Small Web

Kagi Small Web offers a fresh approach by promoting recently published content from the “small web.” We gather new content, published within the last week, from a handpicked list of blogs and surface it in multiple ways…